Every agent dreams of having a referral business so strong they no longer need to chase leads. Remember that referrals are a long game, and the more effort you put into building relationships now, the more it will pay off in the future.

Let’s explore five ways to increase your real estate referral stream starting today!

#1 — Deliver ‘Wow’ Experiences

We all know that in real estate, word of mouth matters. 

When you deliver ‘wow’ experiences, your clients will naturally talk about your service. And that leads to more referrals.

Do this by personalizing the experience for every client. The more unique and customized your approach, the more your clients will feel heard and understood.

Excellent customer service can differentiate between a deflated relationship and one that grows stronger over time. Here are some ways to show your clients that they matter:

  • Keep track of questions they ask and personal details they share. It seems obvious that you should understand your client’s needs and motivation when it comes to buying or selling. But it also goes a long way when you remember the name of their pet or what sport their child play. Keep track of all your conversations using your CRM, and ask about the things important to them. 
  • Show your appreciation.Make sure they know how much you appreciate their business. This means regularly following up with things that show you’re thinking of them: a handwritten thank-you note, a unique gift, or a pop-by all go a long way.

#2 —  Give Testimonials and Reviews

As an agent, you know how important great reviews are—and you should be asking for a review from each client you work with.

But it’s also important to give reviews regularly. If your client owns a business or provides a service, give them a glowing review (after trying out their services). This shows them how much you appreciate their business, and they’ll likely be willing to return the favor.

You can do the same when you have an incredible experience working with another agent. Giving other agents reviews helps you build a lasting relationship with them—one that could bring you more business down the road.

#3 — Use Social Media

Social media has become one of the best ways to gain referrals—from consumers and agents alike.

When you produce educational and entertaining content, you will capture the attention of new clients and remain top of mind for people you’ve worked with in the past. Just ask Glennda Baker how much business she gets from TikTok:

And if you are producing content that agents in other markets resonate with, they’ll likely remember you the next time they have a client looking in your market and send you a referral.

#4 — Use Open Houses to Your Advantage

Open houses are great for getting the word out about your real estate business, but you can also use them as an opportunity for you to grow your referral network.

Aside from following up with all prospective buyers at your open house, reach out to neighbors before and after the open house takes place. Invite them to come and follow up with sale information. Most people are interested in what’s happening in their neighborhood, and when they see the type of work you do, they’ll remember you the next time someone asks, “Do you know any good Realtors?”

You can also check out other agents’ open houses. Being seen at open houses by other real estate professionals creates another opportunity to create and strengthen relationships within the industry. At the very least, you’ll learn more about the properties for sale in your market. And who knows, those agents you’re building relationships with may refer clients to you later on.

#5 — Grow Your Network

As a real estate agent, you have the unique opportunity to grow an extensive network of people who may become your clients.

Network with other agents through referral groups, at conferences, and by participating in online communities to grow your real estate referrals. 

This can lead to referrals and other business opportunities if you’re lucky – but even if nothing comes of it right away, you’ll likely end up with some new contacts who can help your career down the road.

Once you start getting more referrals, make sure you live up to everyone’s expectations! Not only will the person who referred you continue to share your name, but your new client will also become someone who refers you to others.