This week’s BAMmer of the week goes to…Derrick Gregory. We try to give this illustrious, highly sought-after award to more “up and coming” creators/agents, but Derrick deserves the recognition. Derrick is a realtor in southwest Florida who has been making comedic sketches, memes, and straight up psychological thrillers for years. He’s become a staple in the real estate comedy game and after watching his videos, you’ll see why. All of his videos are extremely well edited and look like they took years to make (which isn’t always a good thing btw). Also, the camera he uses looks like it’s from the future because you can see every pore on his bearded, psychotic face.

Let’s dive in.

POV: Doctor has a realtor as a patient.

How to crop your pics so it looks like you have buyers (a very original concept) – that was not sarcastic.

Cop pulls over a lender.

Realtor Hype video, which we wrote a blog on.

Stranger Things: I will note a problem that Derrick has. He creates movie-like masterpieces, but sometimes they don’t “hit” like they should. This is because the IG algorithm basically only awards an immediate joke/hook. People have no attention spans, so a lot of his longer form videos don’t perform as well as the quick-hitters.

Here he does a funny job marketing his actual listing. So, it’s not all just for yucks. He’s actually a clever marketer.

Wait for when he pukes up the cards…

What I like about Derrick is that he’s extremely consistent. Sometimes he’ll put days, weeks, and a ton of money into a video that for some reason doesn’t pop. But, the very next week he posts another and he’s constantly evolving his style without sacrificing the quality for the almighty algorithm.

If you don’t already, give Derrick a follow and scroll through his massive bank of hell.

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