When David and I were invited to be a part of Million Dollar Listing eight years ago, neither of us really had any idea what we’d be in for. We knew it would lead to new opportunities, but also greater pressure and responsibility. But we were just excited to be a part of something big. So we jumped in with both feet and no hesitation. We’ve both always loved a good challenge.

“My life before Million Dollar Listing was just as completely nuts as it is now. Not much has changed in that regard!”

James Harris

I’ve always been extremely energetic. It’s just in my nature. So even before David and I went on the show, I was completely focused on landing deals, making money, closing business, expanding our listings, building my brand, and being the absolute best agent I could be. All that passion and drive you see on the show? That’s also how we are in real life.

When we were asked to be on the show, no lie, we both thought it was a prank

I remember the exact day I got the Million Dollar Listing call. I was driving home one night and this call came through and it said No Caller ID on my phone. Suspicious, right? But I answered. They said they were a casting agency working with the show Million Dollar Listing, and they were looking for new agents. At this point I thought this was a prank. I called David immediately and asked him if he’d ever heard of this show or knew anything about it. He goes, “I love that show! I watch it all the time! You’re joking, right??” 

The next day we got on a Skype call with the casting people and we genuinely still thought this was a big joke. We were messing around the whole time, flexing our muscles to the interviewer, not taking it seriously at all! But within a few months they sent a whole film crew out to film a day in our lives… and long story short, we got the job!

You’ll never believe what happened the first time someone recognized me

Our commercial had been on the air for some time before the season officially started. So some people had seen it, but I certainly didn’t expect to be recognized yet. Well, one day I was pumping gas, and I put the nozzle in my car, then went inside to pay. Imagine my surprise when the cashier says, “Oh! You’re that guy from the real estate show!” I was totally trying to act all cool about it. But inside I was just thrilled to be recognized. I got so caught up in the moment that I ended up driving away with the gas nozzle still in my car! I yanked the whole thing, hose and all, right off the pump and it was clanking across the pavement as I drove away. I turned around, completely embarrassed and apologized profusely. All while still trying to act as cool as possible. That’s how Million Dollar Listing started for me. But it got much better from there!

Over the past eight years, a lot has changed. But we haven’t.

During our time on Million Dollar Listing, I’ve become a father to my two amazing daughters. I’ve made some lifelong friends (and a few enemies). And we’ve closed some unbelievable deals. I feel like I’ve gone from being a boy to a full grown man during this show.

At the end of the day, David and I love what we do. Through eight years and over 100 episodes, we’ll always stay true to ourselves. I can confidently say that I’m the same man today as I was then. Yes, I get recognized every single day. Yes, this show has helped us build our brand in a viral way. It’s been the biggest blessing to us. But no matter what, I’ll always remember where I came from.

Million Dollar Listing is an amazing platform for us, but it certainly doesn’t make this job easy. If anything, it’s harder because people have such high expectations for us. The sales are bigger, the clients are bigger, and the homes are grander. Every single day we have to put in the hard work to network, find listings, and win pitches. David and I firmly agree that real estate always comes first and filming the show comes second. Our clients deserve our best, and that’s what we consistently deliver.

Looking forward

We have so much to be excited about in our careers right now. We’ve recently launched an incredible free newsletter, The Blueprint, where we break down the biggest real estate news and our favorite tips in a quick, five minute read. This is the kinda thing we desperately wish we had back when we were cutting our teeth in this industry.

We also can’t wait to see where this absolutely unbelievable housing market will take us this year. Prices are through the roof, California is one of the hottest markets in the nation, and there are so many deals to be made right now. That’s why this is the best career in the world!