It’s every creator’s worst nightmare: logging in to Instagram to find your account has been disabled. 

This is just one of the issues Instagram users are having today—and it’s not just a spooky Halloween tale. Users are reporting problems with account suspensions, massive drops in followers, and the app crashing. 

While this is a developing story, here’s a breakdown of the major issues users are having today from @brock11johnson:

Wrongful Account Suspensions

Many users are having their accounts suspended from Instagram for no apparent reason.

This issue is the only one addressed publicly by Instagram so far. 

If you’ve been suspended without reason, it’s very likely the problem will be resolved soon as Instagram puts all hands on deck to figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, everyone’s over at Twitter trying to figure out what is happening: #instagramdown. 

Loss of Followers

Another noticeable issue is the widespread loss of followers.

Nobody knows the answer yet. I’ve lost 5,000 followers already.

The Broke Agent

This issue might go hand in hand with account suspensions.

When an Instagram account is suspended, it registers as a lost follower to everyone followed by that account. 

Once these wrongful suspensions are lifted, people will hopefully regain the majority of those followers lost.

Instagram has purged millions of fake accounts in the past, so this isn’t completely unprecedented. In 2018, Instagram made headlines when celebrities started losing bot followers by the millions

App Crashing

Some users reported the app repeatedly crashing for them before being suspended.

Could persistent crashing be a sign that your account is next? 

Knowing Instagram, most of these issues will be resolved before too long. ​​We’ll update this as soon as we know more, but in the meantime, it could be a good time for you to work on areas of your business you can control.