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Earlier this month, agents tuned in to BAM’s “Explode Your Digital Brand Through the Holidays” webinar. The Broke Agent, Byron Lazine, Katie Day and Jason Cassity covered all the major social media platforms and answered questions from agents about strategy, editing, content creation, and more. 

Didn’t get a chance to tune in? We’ve got you covered with the Q&A answers!

When you add captions to your IG Reels, do you do this in editing software or the Instagram app? 

Byron Lazine: We use professional editors who use Adobe editing software. The clips you see on my Instagram can require up to 2 hours of editing per clip. That being said, recording on your phone and using in-app features like overlay text and captions works just fine. 

Keep an eye out for a tutorial on how to use Adobe to replicate our caption style!

How far is going too far on a video skit?

The Broke Agent: I’ve developed a sense for this after seven years of posting funny content. You don’t want to be offensive to a specific group or alienate anyone. Using a well-timed shit or the F word can help emphasize a joke, but too many curse words in your post could harm its engagement. 

There are certain topics that you want to avoid discussing. Testing content by sending it to your friends or other agents and asking if it’s offensive to anybody is a good strategy when you’re starting. The more edgy content you post, the more sense you’ll get about what’s too far. If there’s content that will make people unfollow you and hurt your audience, you need to decide what’s worth that risk.

How are you handling the new algorithm, i.e., WAY fewer views than before on Instagram?

Jason Cassity: Quantity > quality. There’s no way around it because Instagram sets the rules. You can either pay to play by sponsoring your posts to get more views or continue posting in the vein that Instagram wants. Of course, posting more content will increase your views.

Katie Day: There’s something to be said for creating content that generates better engagement. I would focus on posting things that people will comment on, like, and share instead of just posting something that people will look at, like, and move on.

The Broke Agent: When you prioritize quantity, you will get fewer views on most of your videos, but you will have some videos that go extremely viral. I have videos from months ago that are only popping off right now. Retention for the new algorithm is also essential. Make sure to use hooks throughout your videos and a call to action at the end. That’s the perfect formula to attack this algorithm.

Byron Lazine: Instagram wants you to post Reels. So if you’re posting static images 75% of the time, you need to reverse that, and 75% of your posts need to be Reels. Views may go down, but you’re giving yourself more opportunities for one of your videos to spike up and grow exponentially.

How long until you start to recycle/re-record your topics for your videos?

Katie Day: I actually haven’t recycled any videos yet. I have redone a few on the same general topic when market shifts happen.

Byron Lazine: My advice would be as short as two weeks and as long as the content is still relevant. You can post the same video from two weeks ago. Trust me; your entire following has not seen it.

What Gear Do You Recommend For Shooting Video?

We wrote an entire eBook on the gear. Find it here!

Are your home tour videos filmed in batches?

Katie Day: Those are meant to be a spur-of-the-moment thing for the most part, but we do batch some. You obviously can’t wait two weeks to shoot when you have a listing. Sometimes, we’ll go to new construction communities and hit five or seven different properties.

I love the filters that are available on IG to make me look younger. Are there filters available outside of IG?

Byron Lazine: Look at the voiceover content that’s crushing it on Tik Tok and do some voiceovers. Nobody would see your face, which fixes the problem of wanting to look younger!

Can you give us some examples of Facebook groups?

Byron Lazine:  I don’t know what it’s called in your community, but I know for sure there are “Parents of X community” and groups around school systems. There’s most likely a Facebook group dedicated to the most popular activities in your neighborhood. Ask the people that have lived in your area for a while what groups they’re in and where they’re finding information.

What do you think about posting directly within native apps instead of using the Meta business suite?

The Broke Agent: Posts always perform better if you film organically in the app. If you don’t film in the app, at least use some editing feature in the app, whether that is applying a filter or using native stickers, captions, or audio. I will always do some editing within TikTok or Reels, so I don’t think they necessarily suppress content. If you do some sort of editing in the app, it’ll help content perform better.

Jason Cassity: Use captions for sure. When IG, TikTok, or YouTube creates captions, they create a text file for your video, which is loaded with all the keywords you’re saying. So if you’re saying “San Diego real estate” and “moving to San Diego,” it will give your video a better chance of being shown when people search those words.

The Broke Agent: On top of that, I just want to say from an Instagram perspective, the longer your captions are, the more SEO-specific you can get, which will really help your discoverability and searchability.

As a new agent, what would you say invest in first when it comes to social media and growing your followers? A videographer?

Katie Day: I would recommend posting local content and real estate content from your phone. Growing a following comes from interacting with other accounts and following them – engaging and having conversations.

What if you’re starting from scratch, what and where should your very first post be?

Katie Day: I would do a bio/introduction video about who you are and who you help or service.

Would you greenscreen record on each platform individually?

Katie Day: I’d recommend recording with Green Screen filter on Instagram and saving the content before posting (without the watermark). That can then be uploaded to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Facebook, etc.

Do Hashtags still work? how do you find the right hashtags for your videos?

Katie Day: Adam Mosseri recently came out saying 2-3 content or local-specific hashtags are important. I’d focus on your niche and target market. Using specific location-based or content-based tags vs. the broad #realtorlife or others that have millions (or billions) of views, your content is much more likely to be found from a niche or local hashtag.

Learn more about The Broke Agent’s hashtag strategy here.

How do you think I can help my boss more with her content batching & social media from an assistant’s POV?

Katie Day: If you create your boss’ schedule, you should block out 30-60+ minutes per week for content creation and posting.