1. Should I have a personal account AND a business account or one that combines both?

How are people still asking this? You think people want to see your shit twice? They don’t want to see it at all! Just kidding… but you should absolutely have one account that combines both. Accounts that only pump out Just Solds and Just Listeds are boring.

Nobody wants to see a real estate robot. They want to see a healthy mix of what you’re doing AND who you are. Show yourself, your personality, your hobbies, and your family. This will attract the right clientele as your followers get to know you, trust you, and relate with you.

2. When is the best time to post?

Short answer: there isn’t one and it doesn’t really matter that much. Posting around the same time(s) consistently is more important than trying to find the right time. You can always view your insights and see when your followers are “most active,” but I haven’t found that this makes much of a difference. I would test different posting times and see what performs best for you and try to stick with that.

Here’s what my Insights look like on Thursdays for @TheBrokeAgent.

Looking at this the best times to post are between 8 AM and 5 PM. Also, if you’re launching a piece of content that you really care about DO NOT do it 12 AM when everyone is either blacked out drunk or asleep.

In my experience, posts always seem to perform best Monday through Thursday and tend to get less engagement on Friday. Maybe it’s because people are finishing up the work week and aren’t staring at their phones as much. Or maybe it’s because my content sucks over the weekend. Realistically, if a post performs poorly it’s usually because it sucks…not because of when it was posted. I like to use the excuse that people “aren’t near their phones” as if that’s ever the case.

TLDR: see what works best for you and try to post around the same times consistently.

3. How often should I post?

Again, it’s not really about how often you post, but more about posting consistently. For @TheBrokeAgent I have found a solid cadence of 2-3 feed posts a day and 5-10 Story posts. This formula has brought me consistent growth where I gain about the same amount of followers every week. However, I have noticed that if I post less, I gain less followers. I would definitely say the more volume the better because of how oversaturated the platform is.

4. Do I have to post Reels?

If you want to grow your account in 2022 the answer is YES, you do. Short form, vertical video is how people want to consume content today. I mean have you ever scrolled through TikTok? It’s literally content crack. Reels isn’t quite there yet, but it is THE BEST opportunity to grow on IG in years. The organic reach to non-followers is bananas and they seem to get two to three times as many views as normal videos, at least for me.

You don’t have to dance, lip sync, or point at captions… but you do have to figure out your style of vertical video. As I always say. Adapt or die.

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