From the very beginning of our real estate careers, back in 2012, we knew we wanted to be in the luxury market. But there was a giant problem. It’s nearly impossible to build a strong track record when you just don’t have the listings…AND you can’t get listings when you don’t have a track record. It’s the chicken and the egg problem in the worst kind of way.

so how did we do it?

We built our real estate careers from the ground up. Literally! From our industry research and talking to other seasoned agents, we knew developers were always looking for good teardown projects at a solid price. The best part is developers don’t care much about your record if you can bring them killer deals. If the price is right, they’ll buy from anyone. Also, if you treat them well they might just give you the listing on the other side as well.

The value of a listing once it’s been rebuilt can be absolutely astronomical. We’ve worked with developers where the resale price was five times higher than the purchase price. That’s exactly the kind of deal we knew we wanted. It would help us build a strong portfolio and gain some experience that we could bring to the table when we started chasing big listings. 

So, we made it our mission to break into the luxury market through developers. We agreed we wouldn’t stop until luxury buyers and sellers knew our name. Looks like it’s worked out so far!


You may think we’re exaggerating when we say that, but it’s absolutely true. We door-knocked Bel Air from top to bottom for literally 12 months. We drove street by street with one of us driving and the other knocking. We’d play rock, paper, scissors to see who had to go ring the bell. It was completely exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. But, it was the only way we could get to where we wanted to be as brand new agents. 

Once we rang that bell, we’d cross our fingers hoping someone would come to the door. If they answered, we’d get straight to the point and say, “Hi, I’m a realtor and I’m working with so-and-so developer. They’re looking for new projects. I saw your specific property, and it’s exactly what they’re looking for. They’re extremely motivated. Have you considered selling?” And we’d repeat this script over, and over, and over.

“We can’t say it enough, consistency is the key to making a name for yourself in this business. We had to roll up our sleeves, realize that real estate isn’t as glamorous as it looks, and get to work.”


We weren’t afraid, no matter the home size

From the start, we realized that fear was something we had to throw out the door. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment; we just chucked it all out the window. We always say:

“Fear is false evidence appearing real.”

Fear had absolutely no place in our lives. Once we got that fixed in our mindset, we had the faith in ourselves to do anything. We believe people could sense it too, and that we knew we had what it takes. That confidence is magnetic.

At the end of the day, consistency was the biggest key to our success

The thing about door-knocking is that it isn’t a one-time thing. We had to be extremely consistent, hitting the same streets and neighborhoods again and again until we gained some traction. It worked because sellers want to work with someone who’s tenacious, unafraid to go for something, and motivated to close a deal. 

Long story short, after months of door-knocking, people started saying yes! Those were the sweetest, hardest earned yeses we’ve ever heard. Every win that followed that first “yes” made every “no” more than worth it. You grow pretty thick skin in this business because you get a lot of slammed doors along the way, but selling your first million dollar property is the most incredible feeling in the world.

Now, we help other agents create their own niche

We do everything we can to help other agents avoid the missteps and capitalize on the opportunities we’ve discovered over the past decade in the industry. We have a great free newsletter, The Blueprint, where we share tips, news, and stories that help agents build their business better and faster. 

We take every opportunity we can to pop into a webinar, give a talk, or join a podcast to share our tips for success. Because we believe every single person out there has what it takes to be an incredible agent. If you’ve got grit, you’re willing to learn, and you can be consistent, you’re well on your way to a meaningful, rewarding career.