At the beginning of each month, I make a list of content ideas based on holidays, notable events, and what’s trending. This can help you plan your filming/posting schedule around what’s timely and relevant! As I mentioned in my trendjacking blog, posting about relevant topics gives your marketing a major engagement boost. Here’s what to expect this October.


Halloween basically starts on August 30th when Starbucks comes out with Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Some lunatics start posting about “SpooOoky Season” as early as the beginning of September. The more savvy content creators will at least wait until October 1st. Acting overly obsessed with cinnamon brooms and wart-infested pumpkins is obnoxious, but sprinkling in Halloween-themed content is definitely timely, fun, and a great marketing strategy.

Here are some Halloween-themed ideas for your real estate business.

  1. Make a compilation Reel of all of the crazy or creepy things you’ve seen at showings. Add “spooky” music to it by searching the word “scary.”

2. Make a list or film a video of things that “scare” you the most about being a real estate agent like difficult alarms, dads at inspections, or cats. 

3. Make a list or film a video of things that would “scare” buyers or “scare” sellers and explain why. For example, leaving out a bunch of dolls during a showing would definitely freak buyers out.

4. Post real estate horror movie memes of course.

5. Give out Halloween candy at your open houses and poll your audience on what they prefer.

6. Do an in-character house tour video in your Halloween costume.

7. If you bulk-record videos each month, dress up as different characters for your market updates, educational videos, and stories.

8. Send out emails with the best “Halloween” spots in your community for trick-or-treating activities and parties. Be a resource for all things Halloween.

9. Even better: Act like Halloween doesn’t exist and just go about your business like an absolute boss.

But at the very least… I would be using “creepy” music on some of your short-form videos. 

Other Holidays

October 1st: International Music Day. This might be a good opportunity to plug your favorite open house playlist or poll your audience on what music they prefer at open houses.

October 4th-5th: Yom Kippur. This would be a good time to NOT bother your Jewish clients on the day of Atonement and Repentance. Also, try to refrain from sending out any HAPPY YOM KIPPUR email blasts. Not the holiday to do that with. Shana Tova. Here’s a picture of my dog, Lugnuts, who is Jewish like me.


Football: Football is basically on 5 days a week for the foreseeable future. Refer to last month’s blog about how you can integrate this in your marketing.

Baseball: The playoffs are about to start. Look out for Aaron Judge breaking the REAL single season home run record and for the Yankees to win the World Series. I’m not a Yankees fan.

NBA and NHL seasons both officially start. There’s always a ton of NBA-related memes. 

College Basketball begins.


Rates keep hiking and the news continues to push the armageddon narrative in the housing market. Realtors are getting a TON of heat on social platforms, especially TikTok for saying “why now is a GREAT time to buy or sell.” Be specific with your content and provide facts and data to back up what you’re saying so you don’t sound like you’re just begging for business. As I’ve mentioned before, this uncertainty is a blessing for good agents to really educate their clients and make them feel comfortable. Memes about packed open houses and 50 counteroffers are (thankfully) dead. Stop pointing at captions on TikTok and start getting more serious with the education route. Economic uncertainty and global financial markets in general have spoiled the general mood towards real estate and real estate professionals. Funny, tasteful humor will always be great marketing, but now might be a better time to double down on the educational content


SMILE: This horror movie is currently out and has already gone viral with a genius marketing campaign of getting people to “smile” like absolute freaks at baseball games.

October 21: Midnights. Taylor Swift breaks the internet and sends her fans into a frenzy with every post that hits her feed. Her highly anticipated 10th album, Midnights, comes out this month and will be dominating the trending sounds on any app with music (especially TikTok). We may not all be swifties, but I promise that whether you like it or not, you’ll be hearing her music all fall, so you might as well hop on the TSwift bandwagon and make a few TikToks with sounds that get millions of views.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Gigi Hadid: These two are reportedly dating, which officially breaks Leo’s streak of breaking up with his girlfriends as soon as they turn 25 (chart for reference).

Adam Levine: It was revealed in a viral tiktok that Adam Levine likes to sext Instagram models like a 17-year-old boy. A snippet of his Instagram dm’s are going viral with people photoshopping things for him to respond to. Hopefully this becomes irrelevant as we head into October.

Trending Sounds

  1. Try being an influencer for a day…
@erinhattamer Is she joking with this audio? #fy #fyp ♬ original sound - Grub Assham

2. I have your competition on the phone

3. Don’t do it

4. Typing sound

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