On Monday, an email went out to T3 Sixty subscribers with the subject line:

Swanepoel Announces Major New Industry Benefit

The email was an invitation to join Stefan Swanepoel, Founder and Executive Chairman of T3 Sixty, for a 15-minute webinar where he announced his newest initiative: the launch of a real estate news service.

We’ve decided we are going to launch a real estate news service to the real estate industry. And not just any real estate news service. It is going to be called Real Estate News.

Stefan Swanepoel

Founder and Executive Chairman, T3 Sixty

Swanepoel’s 20-Year Dream

Swanepoel is widely regarded as an industry leader, with an extensive list of accolades: New York Times bestselling author, analyst, and contributor to numerous industry publications. Regarding the launch of Real Estate News, Swanepoel stated,

It’s time. I have been wanting to do this for 20 years. This will be something that can benefit all brokers and agents every day and have the overall goal to raise the tide for the entire residential real estate industry.

Stefan Swanepoel

Founder and Executive Chairman , T3 Sixty

The announcement will surely excite the industry, especially those who aim to continually learn and grow about current happenings. 

I have been to many T3 Sixty Summits and the level of professionalism and unbiased moderation of industry giants by Stefan and his organization in the past have been unparalleled. This will be huge for the industry and a benefit for all that cover it. BAM only gets better with this news!

Byron Lazine

Co-founder, BAM

Real Estate News

Real Estate News is a fully separate entity from T3 Sixty, focusing on providing news in a factual, impartial and concise way.  

During the announcement, Swanepoel introduced Real Estate News President Mitch Robinson and Senior Vice President of News Stephanie Reid-Simmons, both of whom are long-time industry professionals. 

In closing, Swanepoel discussed how Real Estate News will add to the industry rather than try to replace other industry news sources. 

We are an additional voice to the industry. And we believe that we can bring a method of reporting that will supplement everything that’s already in the industry. We’d like to be the one that is known to be the one which is concise and factual to the point…sort of the T3 style.

Stefan Swanepoel

Founder and Executive Chairman , T3 Sixty

Real Estate News is set to launch this fall, but you can sign up for updates today.