Ever have the problem where you don’t know what music to play at your open house? Problem solved.

Welcome to your Weekend Open House Playlist. I’m your host, “Mashup Mike.” Every week, I will compile an epic open house playlist that covers a variety of vibes. This weekend’s energy is what I like to call cozy classic – tunes that ooze the kind of golden-toasted vibes that will have your clients preemptively nostalgic for all the memories they’re going to create in your listing (and willing to throw down a fat cash offer to get started on them). Enjoy.

Since I solved your open house problem, I can also solve a problem that takes place after your open house:

“What should I watch tonight?”

I’d like to introduce you to the Sunday Stream. Every Sunday morning, the best things to watch, straight to your inbox. Short and sweet: just a couple of pieces of content, along with the who/what/where/why (who’s in it, made it, what is it about, where can I watch, and why should I watch).

No rambling think pieces, no pretense – just things you should watch because life is short, and no one should ever waste their free time watching bad content again.