Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram.

#1—Multi-Purpose Sink 

This is so tacky. I am desperate to know what kind of establishment this is in. 

The layout makes it look difficult to lean over and wash your hands without your nether regions contacting that androgynous lower extremity. 

#2—Pink Bathroom

This bathroom has the exact energy of the creepy Harry Potter professor obsessed with the color pink. It probably belongs to a much less threatening little old lady, but it’s still unforgivable

#3—New Jersey Castle

Where to start with this one? The drumset stage with its own spiral staircase? The fan directly above the pool?

Tastes can differ quite a bit, but most people agree that clicking through this home is an assault on the eyes.

#4—Diabolical Sink Placement

This person’s contractor absolutely hated them. How do you use this without pulling something?

#5—Medusa statue

This place has bad juju written all over it. How would someone even get rid of that thing? Hard pass. 

#6—Throne Fit For a King

Was this a plumbing issue or just bad decision-making? Pooping at that altitude would just feel wrong. 

#7—Cold ass shower

The minimalists have gone too far with this one. Where does all the water go?

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