No one expects a lived-in house to look perfect all the time. But when you’re getting ready to sell, and you’re snapping those pics, you generally want people to like what they see. 

So, if any of your pics make you extra glad you’re moving, maybe take a beat before you share them with the public. Some things cannot be unseen. 

On second thought, share them with our blessing. Instagram is a great place to share bad real estate pics, whether you’re a homeowner, an agent, or someone fresh from an open house that scarred you for life. 

If you’ve ever browsed the latest snaps on @badrealestatepics, you know what we mean. 

We thought we’d share some of the worst we’ve seen this week, giving full credit to those who posted the photos and made us instantly more grateful for the homes we have.  

#1 – Beautiful indoor balcony

If you’ve ever wanted an indoor space overlooking the stairs, there’s an aesthetic for that. Think how much easier it will be to keep everyone lined up for family photos. It also works as a choir loft or built-in playpen/kennel. 

#2 – A little sponge art goes a long way

Someone clearly thought this was an improvement from the dirty-gray marble and whatever else they were covering up. We’ll never know, now. The open toilet with the seat standing at attention is the final insult. 

#3 – The neighbors are VERY quiet

Honestly, though, never a peep from those guys. And they never park in my driveway or steal the LED lights from my front yard. 

Source: @badrealestatepics. Video credit: @brinsta_gram

#4 – Multi-purpose countertops

We like this comment by @panicatthedollartree: “I feel like this was designed by a cat.” Chef’s kiss for the space-saving design and overall aesthetic, but the proximity of the window makes us a bit nervous. Just don’t make anything greasy in that area. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse. Image credit: @randomdavis

#5 – Deathtrap stairs

These stairs are an accident waiting to happen, especially for those of us who trip while walking up the stairs at least once a week. 

#6 – Blends right in

No need for an expensive repair job when a sheet of paper and a black Sharpie will do the trick this nicely. 

#7 – That’s a LOT of orange. 

Plush pumpkin carpeting, reflective tile wall, sunflower-yellow linoleum… It’s an immersive 70s time capsule.